About Us


About Us

Benevent Training AG offers variety of services, including modern technologies in IT, distribution of IT, transaction support, development and implementation of complex deliveries of complex equipment in the field of medicine, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, as well as  sale or lease of commercial and residential properties especially those located in Switzerland and Italy.

We provide a responsive and comprehensive service for small and mid-sized businesses as well as offering a wide range of financial solutions. Access to our network of partners is readily available at competitive local terms.

Our focus includes: development of integrated technological solutions for the introduction of innovations in the production processes of customers, equipment buyers; delivery support/ delivery of complex technological lines of equipment for production in the field of medicine, pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements; distribution and warranty support of equipment buyers; commissioning and installation supervision of equipment for customers; customs clearance and equipment delivery services.

Benevent Training AG


Joint Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-CIS/Georgia (JCC)